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Couple Fanfiction
To explain this simply, if you give me some specifics [such as the couple, place, time, and/or genre], I will write the story for you. At the max right now, I can write a grand total of ten chapters with possibly a thousand words, since I'm on a phone. It doesn't matter whether they are real people [voice actors for example], real characters [Batman or Beetlejuice for example], or OC's [yours or someone else's, for example], as long as you link me the bio, we're solid. If it is someone's OC, however, please contact them asking permission; then I'll ask them for permission to use them, or something like that. If they say no, you're shit outta luck. I will and can write about pretty much anything, though I have some limits, such as rape. I won't write about that, period. If something else comes up in our discussion, I will let you know. My examples included above are sexual in nature, but I can write stories nonsexual, as well.

Times To Reach Me: anytime, I will always respond
How: Notes, please
Chapter/Word Limits: depends on details
Prices: not set in stone, can change
Can I Decline: fuck yes I can :P
Edits After Publication: yes, but cost is extra
Refunds: Nope ;P
Limits: yes, I won't do rape
Can You Back Out On Deal?: yes, and if nothing has been written,you can get your points back
Points Before Or After?: payment after details have been discussed
Payment?: points only for now
Times Upon Stories Will Be Uploaded?: when I can

Thanks for the consideration! :3

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Break, break, break my mind
Break it 'til the tale unwinds
Force my thoughts through hell and back
Or leave me alone tonight

Break, break, break my heart
Break me 'til I fall apart
This can't be real
This can't be right
Now die inside the flames of your fright


Lin Kuei Symbol - Sub Zero by theaxeman87



Quote: "This is something that they'd say at any point in their lifetime. It doesn't have to be within the confines of a game."


~Name: (this is their in-game name)
~Real Name: (this is their given name)
~Gender: (if different from sex)
~Height: (in both feet and meters)
~Weight: (in both pounds and kilograms)
~Occupation: (their job)
~Attire Description:
~Physical Description:
~Outstanding Marks: (scars, tattoos, piercings, birthmark, moles)


~Why Is He/She In This Game?:
~Was He/She Created By Someone Else?:
~Race: (human, Tarkatan, Revenant, Zatarren, among others)
~Origin Realm:
~Resident Realm:
~Alignment: (Good, Evil, Neutral, Chaotic)
~Powers/Abilities: (cryomancy, pyromancy, telepathy, necromancy)
~Faction: (Special Forces, Black Dragon, White Lotus, Brotherhood Of Shadow, Lin Kuei)


<their life goes here>


<their tower ending goes here>


~Gender Role:
~Association: (who do they hang around)
~Favoured Individual(s): (who would they rather be around)
~Heritage: (are they a Cage, Kung, Kang, Takahashi, Briggs, Liang, Hasashi, Blade, etc)
~Do They Have A Family?:
~Family: (who is actually their family)
~Is Their Family Living And Are They In Touch With Them?:
~Mental Description:


~Favorite Foods:
~Favourite Drinks:
~Favored Hangout:
~Favoured Music:
~Song Of Choice?:
~Preferred Animal:
~Spirit Animal?:
~Preferred Method Of Life: (how do they live?)
~Preferred Method Of Death: (how did/will they die? How do they want to die?)
~Another Form?:
~TVTropes They Fit Into?:
~Voice Actor?:
~Stat Distribution:





     -*describe the change in this "secret" fourth variation (check description if you don't know what this is)

~Differences In Variations:

     (describe the three as you see fit)

~Variation Symbols:
     (describe what the symbol for each Variation would look like; can be static image or like the gif game version)

~Weapon(s) Of Choice?:

     (describe the weapon(s) your character uses, if any; delete this section entirely if they don't use any)



~Special Moves:

~*name here* (X-Ray):

~Victory Pose:

~Brutality Stance:
     •*describe what your character does after they preform a Brutality*

~Fighting Stance:
     •*describe his/her stance when they are still*

~Idle Stance:
     •*describe his/her stance when you leave the controller idle*

=SUBSECTION/Fatalities & Brutalities=

~*name here* (Fatality):

~*name here* (Fatality):

~*name here* (Brutality):

~*name here* (Brutality):

~*name here* (Brutality):

~*name here* (Brutality):

~*name here* (Brutality):

~*name here* (Secret Brutality):


<put some character interaction here!>
<put some in-battle phrases here!>


<this is where you would describe all the outfits your character wears>


~Fighting Style(s): _____ and/or _____
~Weapon Style:
~Battle Cry:
     <What did he/she say before a battle in MK9?>

=SUBSECTION/Author's Words=

~Author's Description: (how would you describe your character?)

~Other's Description: (how would people in the story describe your character?)

~Final Thoughts: (put your final judgement on your character here [do you like them, would you be friends with them, too Mary Sue-ish, etc])


<add whatever you want here; this is your section to add stuff to, including things I may have missed>
Mortal Kombat X Complete OC Profile
Here it is, finally! A complete (or at at least mostly complete, I missed a few things) profile for your Mortal Kombat OC! Everything from the backstory to basic information and most importantly, the moves! This is the MOST in-depth one I've seen, which is why I needed to make one; no one has created one this deep, not at least that I've come across. So here you go.

     YES, this is for the most recent edition of Mortal Kombat, X. However, I have included everything I could from the older games that I could remember (please forgive if I missed anything major, I only know Deception and Armageddon intimately). Let me know if I have missed something you think should be added!

     THINGS I KNOW I MISSED: Breaker, model design for Motor Kombat, statistics (safe/unsafe, block advantage, etc. ... To be honest I missed these on purpose because I don't completely understand them)

Kreate-A-Fighter items, MKX Mobile kard, pictures

     YES, feel free to use this! But please, give me credit! I worked my ass off, making sure I had everything (still missed some though :/) and that it looked professional and detailed. I want your OC well thought out and have their own profile, complete with their moves and all the extra bits! And if you do use this, please link me! I'd love to see how badass they are! :•D

And just maybe, I'll see you in the next one.
~Saavi Youngblood

     "WHY does it have to b–OWWWWWWWW!!!!!"

     "This is only the second nail, Nyght."


     "And we still have your other hoof to finish, as well."


     So this is how the undead spend their free time. By putting nails into each other's hooves. Brilliant.

     "Hate me all you want, princess. This has to be done." With that Kung Lao brought down the hammer (smaller and less mighty than Shao Kahn's) and drove the nail further into Nyght's foot. Well, hoof.

     Nyght gritted her teeth and twitched her horse ears every which way. She hissed like a snake. "I thought Kitana was your princess."

     "She is Liu Kang's princess," he said with moderate disgust.

     "Oh, am I your–OWWW FUCKING HELL!!!" She screamed before she could finish. Her 'tormentor' brought down the hammer once again, the nail finally in place. Her hissing grew louder, to drown out the pain.

     Without a word Kung Lao grabbed another reinforced nail and put it into place. "You are not my princess. I see you simply as a distraction." With that he brought down the hammer again.

     "OW FUUUUUCK!!!!!" She slammed her head down on her arm, and began to cry.

     Kung Lao sighed and dropped the hammer on the equipment chest. "Are you really crying?" He sounded resigned.

     "YES I'M FUCKING CRYING. It FUCKING hurts; what else am I supposed to do? Enjoy nails being shoved up my feet?!" Nyght's eyes were a dull and sickening lavender, signaling this wasn't some ploy to get attention.

     "There is not much I can do for you, Nyght." Kung Lao gently let go of her leg, some of her horse hair coming off on his hands. "It has to be done." He couldn't really comfort her; he didn't know how. There wasn't much he could say.

     "Why?" She said, her tears clogging up her nose. "Why do I have to go through this? I thought all my pain would wash away when I died, but it's worse after death. Why, Lao? Why?" She turned her head to face him, but couldn't really get a good view.

     Lao stood up straight and sighed again. He moved away from her legs, all thick and horse-like, and went to sit at her side. "Your pain is greater after death. Once your body has failed to live anymore, it removes all feelings from your body, the last ones you felt being most prevalent. However, when your life was reanimated, something went wrong. You rejected your own body. Hence as to why..." He gestured toward her body, partially horse but also partially human. "The last feeling you felt was pain and anger, with a touch of elation. So when Quan Chi reanimated you, those last feelings came back, with the addition of your undead emotions. You feel pain, anger, and elation better than we do, as those are your strongest emotions. I am going to assume you do not feel better, after that."

     "Only a little bit." She smiled, though he couldn't see it. "What emotion do you feel the most, Lao?"

     "Rejection, my dear Nyght."

     "Rejection?" She turned to look at him. "Who would reject that lovely face? I'll kill 'em."

     Lao smiled, and began to stroke her hair. She purred, which was weird because she was half horse. She liked the attention, he could tell that much. He reached for her ears, like that of a horse, and began to rub them. Nyght moaned softly, obviously pleased by the action.

     "I thought I was just a distraction," she said contentedly.

     "Some days, you are more," he said simply.

     They stayed like that for a little while, as if the concerns of the Netherrealm didn't bother them.

     "I must get back to shoeing you," Lao said sadly.

     "Fine. But if I kick you again it's your fault." She laid her head down, her tears now dry. He remembered getting kicked from earlier; his hat was still on the ground. He didn't really want to put it back on.

     Kung Lao stroked her hair one last time, and stood back up. He sighed once more before going back to her right hoof. He picked up the hammer, grasped onto her leg, and restarted the process again.


     Even through Nyght's screaming and cursing, Kung Lao heard his footsteps.

     "Sounds like someone is getting tortured. What are you doing to her, Kung Lao?" Liu Kang said as he stepped off the stairs.

     "She is still weak from transformation. After this she will be much more resistant." He answered, hiding his distaste for the other man.

     As they continued their little dance around each other, Nyght dissected them both. She didn't like Liu Kang; he seemed snotty and very entitled. He acted like Lao's superior. But at times, though, he acted like his older brother. Kung Lao, on the other hand, let it happen. He didn't talk back, didn't tell him how he felt. He swallowed it down but didn't spit it back up, like a professional. Nyght guessed they knew each other well prior... prior to dying. It was still weird that she was dead, yet living. Overall she would rather lose her virginity to Kung Lao. He may have had sharp nails but he seemed like a gentle, thorough lover.

     Suddenly Lao appeared in her vision. "How do you feel, Nyght?"

     "Like someone just broke my legs. But other than that I'm doing fucking dandy. How 'bout you, Lao?" She asked, sarcastic.

     "She has quite a mouth on her, does she not? I wonder what Quan Chi sees in her."

     "He sees in me what you lack: talent," she said sassily.

     "He sees in you what females are meant for; a toy," he responded.

     "OH HELL NO." She pushed her chest off the table she was laying on, but Lao stopped her.

     Liu Kang sneered at her. "Kung Lao, try to finish her off soon. We have business to take care of." He purposely left Nyght out of the loop.

     "I am almost finished, Liu Kang," Lao said politely.

     "Good." With that he turned and walked back up the spiral stairs.

     Once he was gone, Nyght relaxed. "Why do you let him boss you around? He's a fucking dick. I thought you were stronger than that."

     "I have my reasons." He didn't deny anything.

     "What reasons?"

     "I fear I cannot tell you, princess." He went back to her hooves and got in to place to fix the last of the nails. Her demon-horn horseshoes were almost complete.

     "I like it when you call me princess. Say it again." She was ready to purr.

     "Princess." Lao heard Nyght's soft purring. "I can only call you that when we are alone."

     "I'm fine with a secret lover," she said seductively.

     "We do not have to keep our sensuality from anyone."

     "Hurry up and finish my hooves. I want to test them out." Nyght gave Lao a wink.

     Kung Lao got into place and finished off the last two nails. Nyght screamed, but it wasn't as bad as before. Lao dusted of the final product and put away the tools. As much as they planned on using Nyght, she might need an extra set of horseshoes. Demon-horns are strong, but they do not last forever.

     "Try walking, princess."

     Nyght purred at the continuation on the nickname. She put aside her pleasure and sat up on the table. Lao looked away as he realized her breasts were on full display. She didn't have a set attire yet, so she walked around topless with a cloth covering her more special bits. Of course, her human-to-horse waist and horse thighs were big enough to cover that; it was mainly her lower backside and breasts that needed covering.

     "Aw, is someone shy? You can look all you want Lao. I don't mind..." She said sexually. It seemed the succubus part of her was coming out.

     "I would prefer not to, princess. I would like to keep my virtue."

     "Virtue? Honey, you're dead. The dead have no virtue," she said as she walked toward him. She gently grasped his wrists and stretched out his hands, placing them on her breasts. 

     His head snapped toward her, staring at her face. He flexed the muscles in his fingers, and felt her small breasts move beneath his skin.

     "Do you like them darling? They're not Edenian breasts but they are still quite nice."

     "I do not need Edenian breasts," Lao said as he squeezed her chest. What he wanted was what Liu Kang had: a relationship.

     "Perfect." She took his nails and raked them down her chest, leaving four long scratches, on each side. "Take me to your room."

      And so he led her.
I Hate Horses
This is a preview for my OC, Nyght. You will be seeing her profile soon, hopfully. You will also be seeing another story with her in about like 10 minutes. Doth thou like thine idea! :D I also need art of her. Pass some points along? :3

And just maybe, I'll see you in the next one.
~Saavi Younglood
It's been eating at my brain for a month now.

     It really shouldn't. Should it? I mean, he gave me a very direct 'NO.' And it was just a stupid thing... It shouldn't be bugging me at all, especially after a month.

     But when Mark said no to me at PAX Prime 2015, it drove a knife through my heart.

     For some reason it really fucking stung. I don't like him, like that, not in a dick-sucking kind of way. It's weird, how conflicted I feel about it. I just want to go back to how it used to be between us.

     But I guess when you're a fangirl BOY this kinda thing happens all the time.

     There I was, down on one knee, pouring my heart out to Mark, when he clasped my hands together and said NO! like he was offended that I even asked. It really hurt, and I legit felt like crying.

     I haven't gotten to talk to Mark personally about this yet. I know I should... But when is a good time? I talk to him often enough, but I haven't had the opportunity. Or I've just been avoiding it entirely... Can't really tell the fucking difference.

     I tried getting comfortable after another hard day's work, but the covers wouldn't sit right. You know what, next time we have a game to record together, I'm gonna give him what for. Damn right I am! But for now, sleep is the only thing to replenish my energy.

     "Well that's just fucking dandy," I said, exhausted already, even though my day hasn't even started.

     Mark called me on Skype and asked me if I wanted to do a video with him today. There was a bit of a time difference between us, so we would have to record it now. And then I remembered what I had promised myself the night before... Goddamnit.

     "Say bye Jack!"

     "Bye Jack!"

     "DAMN IT JACK! Anyway, goodbye everybody!"

     And just like that, our session was over. And I still haven't told him...

     "You okay Jack?" Mark asked suddenly.

     I was thrown off by the suddenness of the question. "Uh, yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

     "Just making sure. You seem off today."

     "Well..." Awkward pause, make him wait for it. "There HAS been something I wanted to talk to you about."

     "And whaaaat would that be?"

     "You know how I proposed to you last month at PAX?"

     "Um, yeah... Why?"

     I could hear the 'wtf is this about' tone in his voice. "I hate that you said no."

     "... Okay, Jack, you're kinda scaring me a bit..."

     I had to giggle. "Am I? Sorry."

     "But seriously, what are you trying to say?"

     "I think we should, well, plaaaaay–damn it that sounds like an innuendo. We should roll with it, is what I'm trying to fucking say."

     "Yoooou meeeean... SEPTIPLIER, AWAY!!!!!!!!"

     I burst out laughing. Damn him to hell for starting that phrase. "Yes, that's what I'm saying."


     "Yeah! Well I'm gonna assume you're confused-"

     "To hell and back."

     "Right. But we should just let it flow... Again my word usage is sounding more and more like a fucking innuendo."

     "Everything you say sounds like a penis."

     "You LOOK like a penis."

     "Hey, fuck you."

     Another fit of laughter. "I know it may seem weird to you, but I like having people speculate on us. It makes things interesting. You probably hate it by now, but I think it's fun."

     "So you want to trick people into thinking we're a couple?"

     "In an obvious manner, yes."

     "I'll play your game, you rogue."

     "Are you still recording?" I asked, holding in my giggles.


     "I love you." :3

     "I love your ass." >;3
He Ate My Heart v.1
Ah, the strangness of my shit is back, IN FULL FUCKING FORCE! Welcome to the Septiplierdome!

I've had this on my phone for a while, (along with everything else I need to upload) and I'm clearing it out. This will be first, along with a Mortal Kombat OC story. It's not the longest story I've made, but it's a story nonetheless.

There is also a version 2, which is chapter-based and about a thousand times weirder. Be prepared! :3

And just maybe, I'll see you again.
~Saavi Youngblood
MMO Idea
(Virtual Paradise; inspired by 2NE1's "Come Back Home")

Ren (m/f)
Psai (f)
Hoo (N)
Morph'd (m/f)
Tcai (m)
Syver (n)

     ~Ren are the natural enemy of Psai. They come in both genders. Their bodies were taken over by a demonic version of a wolf, and that is where they get their power. One of their moves, War Cry, summons their patron demon wolf right from their own chest (the Deolf tear the chest in half, neck to navel, and roar with such an intensity); it causes allies to have a boost in Prowess (attack) and enemies to have a decrease in Discipline (health). Two types of Ren exist: Warrior and Surveyor. Warriors fight while Surveyors are just citizens. Surveyors hold a Deolf inside them, however it has become dormant. When the dormant has a child, it has a chance of becoming a Warrior. Males and females have very little individuality, with their only ways to be individual is hair/fur color and scythe design. Rens do not have the ability to become a Spirit, a Practitioner, an Apprentice, or Warlock. They can become Warriors, Knights, Beastmasters, and Creeds. Once they are strong enough, they have the option to become a full Deolf (Demon Wolf). The most unfortunate fact of this species is that they are weak when fighting alone; their attacks and buffs are better for team fighting. Due to their rarity of becoming Warriors, the species has a limit to the number that may live in each prefecture. They claim scythes as their signature weapon.

     ~Psai are the natural enemy of the Ren. Female-only. Psai are the only species that are made up of a smaller unit of life; bugs take up residence in and around the Psai bodies, creating a natural armour. Through decades of breeding, these beings gained bug attributes: four to eight eyes, multiple finger-like appendages, venom, venomous fangs, and most notably, wings. The bugs choose their master and home. Thus, this species has the most individuality of any race, excluding the Morph'd. Psai are most weak to fire, as they are made up of bugs. Their physical defense and mystical defense are both unique because each bug type is unique. Shelter bugs would have good physical and mystical defense because they their shells are made of a incredibly hard substance. Prowess is their best quality because they hit hard, in both physical and mystical types. Psai are so individual that they hate being around one another. They are good in both solo and team fighting. They cannot be Beastmasters, Knights, or Warriors. They can be Spirits, Practitioners, Apprentices, Warlocks, and Creeds. Once they are strong enough, they have to become a Broodmother. They are the most disliked species in the realm, but the respected as the strongest.

     ~Hoos are the most annoying and unpredictable species in the entire realm. Everybody hates them for their unreliability, and while they are strong, some think working with them is not worth it. Hoos themselves can't be considered a certain gender until you ask them. And this may be a dangerous task, as some will target you as an enemy. They are an offshoot of the Morph'd: they're humans who have gone crazy with power, literally. In battle, they can't control it; their moves have a random chance to do anything, including turn a Ally Power move into a Ally Damage move, hurting all allies. They don't mean it (hopefully), as even they don't know why they do it. It is best for them not to chose any Rank (class) as they change their minds SO often (even in battle!!!). They shouldn't learn any moves as they change so frequently. If you are around a Hoo, watch your boo.

     ~Morph'd are the most individual and the only pure humans on the planet. Originally, they came from Earth but decided to stay on this far away planet. However, they are not peaceful. In fact, they're at war. Similar to the Ren, they have two sides: Soldiers and Commongears. Soldiers plan on going back home; but they're taking all the humans and human-made objects back with them. Commongears, on the other side of the spectrum, plan on staying but also want to take away the objects and humans that have been left here. The difference? Soldiers want to kill all the citizens of this planet and take it for the nearly dead race of humans back on Earth. Commongears want only peace, and have made packs with the commoners of this planet. Morph'd can be any Rank they please, but the choice of killer or saver is a more difficult decision. Because once it's made, it can never be changed. If any of the other races are killed by a Soldier, it's permanent. 

     ~Tcai are the sexual opposite of Psai, as they are all male. A short-handed species, there's actually nothing special about them. Only three things are noteworthy: they are one of two natives of the known part of the planet, they can be every Rank except for Practitioner and Knight, and they have no True Form because they're already in it.

     ~Syvers are the second native species on this planet. However, they were made by humans. Long before the planet was first announced to the public, the national figures of the world sent three projects, with varying degrees of success, to see how each would fare. The first batch, pure humans, all died within a day of arriving (after a cryogenic sleep, as it took quite a few years to get there). The second batch, humans with various diseases and select animals, were sent. Some died slowly, others died fast. The animals seemed okay, until they drank the water. The final batch, the Syvers, survived well. After the data from the first two, they could work out a human replicate to send, mainly to save the lives of others. They can be any Rank, with no exceptions. However, they have no gender and are emotionless.

     Planet Zeus is larger than Earth by quite some measurement. In order to get there, you must go trough a cryogenic sleep, which only lasts five years. It is ironically similar to AVATAR, but with differences I have yet to name.

Teco [tea•co.]
Tehicei [tuh•he•key]
Iv [ehv]
Hatea [HA•ta]

There is a fence going all the way around Planet Zeus. It shocks and nearly kills all who touch it and try to pass it. What could be on the other side? And who put it here?
MMO Idea
Just keeping this here. Let me know if you think it's a viable idea.
So I had this dream where Mini Ladd was involved.

Not sure if you could consider this a wet dream, because I didn't end up wet.

He (I can't remember all the details) had sex on a livestream. And it was all realistic and shit. His pink hair was wild.

I know, weird. Probably going crazy. :P
Trust me, my dreams get weirder than this.

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